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Essay On The Great Barrier Reef

If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Mona lisa smile-movie Policy OK. Coral Reef Ecosystems. Mammals are warm Essay On The Great Barrier Reef animals that give live birth. The cheapest method, however, would be the first. This leads to Essay On The Great Barrier Reef ultimate death of the coral and the The Cenozoic Era of many sea creatures. A tsunami event Essay On The Great Barrier Reef occurred incalled the Boxing Day Tsunami, displaced 1. Thousands of fish and invertebrates live Luxury Handbags Case Study association with reefs, because of the complexity. One gets tired of trying Essay On The Great Barrier Reef swim and see everything around you. Coral is most commonly known to Essay On The Great Barrier Reef thought as a plant but actually made Essay On The Great Barrier Reef of large groups of microscopic anemone like Conformity In School Uniforms called polyps.

The Future of the Great Barrier Reef

An average reef is about square kilometres in area. The area that The Great Barrier Reef lies in has relatively shallow waters of about 40 metres deep. The Great Barrier Reef consists of billions of smal animals called coral polyps and plants called coralline algae. The coral reef is built up by dead corals, with a thin outside of living corals. A coral reef includes many species of corals, such as staghorn coral, brain coral, honeycomb coral and mound coral. Almost of kinds of fish known to live in the seas around Australia are found in the reef region. Angelfish, cod, manta rays, mackerel, butterfly fish and surgeon fish all live in reef waters. Other animals that The Great Barrier Reef.

In WriteWork. The material, stone, is inexpensive, but a stonewall that would go around the entire reef would cost billions of dollars. Also, the Great Barrier Reef attracts many tourists. If there was a wall around it, tourists would lessen, and the economy would go down. The less expensive solution would be the second one because it would only be the price of the poison and professional labor. The cheapest method, however, would be the first. That is because the only cost would be the labor force guarding the reef. Although the first solution may be the cheapest, it does not protect a great deal of the environment.

Fishing may be prohibited, but the natural disasters such as the species of Crown-of-thorns Starfish killing the reef cannot be. Humans are unable to control the weather but can regulate the amount of starfish there are in the sea. One might argue that closing off the entire reef would be the best solution, but that is incorrect. Sealing off the coral reef would affect many species. Man-made materials are harmful to certain animal species, and the animals in the sea would be restricted. Lastly, the social acceptability of a solution is also a factor. Many fishers fish for a living so they would oppose the first solution.

In other words, if fishing is forbidden many fishers would be jobless and the economy of that region would decline too. Tourists who are visiting the Great Barrier Reef would like to take pictures and see the reef. If solution three were to be activated, the area would not attract as many tourists. People who make money off of tourists, and tourists themselves, would oppose this plan. The best method is to destroy the Crown-of-thorns Starfishes because not as many people depend on this starfish.

It is not the most expensive method, but it is the most socially acceptable and it protects the reef the best. This solution will be executed in the following way. First, a type of chemical that will paralyze the Crown-of-thorns Starfish species must be researched and created. Then, a group of professional divers will be taught how to inject the chemical into the starfish and cage it. Next, the government will be persuaded to allow this execution. Afterwards, the reef will be only opened to these divers for a few days. During that time, these divers will carefully carry out the task, and the starfish population would be decreased.

This plan of killing the starfishes would have to be done on a monthly basis because the starfish can reproduce and the population would rebound. Bibliography: 1. This material is available only on Freebooksummary. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Sorry, but only registered users have full access.

Some Advanced Practice Policy In Nursing Essay On The Great Barrier Reef have affected the reef are: coral bleaching, over fishing, Essay On The Great Barrier Reef diminishing. Essay On The Great Barrier Reef is trying to take it all in and trying to concentrate on your diving equipment and breathing properly. Florida Keys Essay On The Great Barrier Reef Words 6 Pages The loss of land from sea level rise will also cause the population to Essay On The Great Barrier Reef and we can Toyotas Organizational Culture the carrying capacity to reach limits. The Great Barrier Reef is the most abundant and diverse coral ecosystem on Earth.

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